Belarusian gear in DNR. Extended investigation by Belsat

While hostilities are taking place in eastern Ukraine, Belarusian enterprises are selling machines to both sides of the conflict: to the Ukrainian state, and to the DNR-LNR militants, who are supported by the regular Russian military. This is evidenced by another investigation conducted by the journalists of Belsat. In contrast to 2014, now the trade goes through Russian fake firms so that Belarusian firms do not fall under sanctions for violating the laws of Ukraine.

The Minsk Automobile Plant supplies trucks to the DNR through special fake firms with the help of Russian officials. Our colleague Katsyaryna Andreyeva investigated the scheme of bypassing the Ukrainian sanctions. She got on the trail while watching the news from the unrecognized republic. In late August, the Donetsk TV channel Union announced the production of garbage trucks at the Torez Electrotechnical Plant based on the MAZ chassis. There was also a delegation from Belarus headed by Sergey Petrov at the exhibition “DNR Potential”.

Sergei Petrov, a representative of the Nizhny Novgorod region in Belarus:

“The garbage trucks, for example, are produced at the Torez plant. I agreed with the director of MAZ, who is the former Minister of Industry. Through the appropriate body, chassis can be supplied to Rostov firms, etc., and then garbage trucks can be assembled here”.

The director of MAZ, former Minister of Industry, is Dzmitry Katsyarynich. Already in Minsk, during an “off the record” interview, thenRussian official showed the “Belsat” journalist an official letter to Petrov from the leadership of the separatists, redirected to Katsyarynich.

Katsyaryna Andreyeva, “Belsat journalist”:

“Petrov called the secretary, who brought a folder with documents, and he took out the original document with the stamp of “Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the DNR”, which contained information not only about chassis, for example, but also whole trucks.”

Sergei Petrov is the official representative of the Nizhny Novgorod region in Belarus, banned from entering Ukraine, he calls the hybrid aggression of Russia “the political situation”.

Sergei Petrov, a representative of the Nizhny Novgorod region in Belarus:

“I promote Belarusian companies, regardless of the form of ownership — private, state, entering the market in both my region and the Russian Federation … and the DNR.”

The official said that MAZ, Minsk Tractor Works, and the manufacturer of loaders “Amkodor” supply machiness to Donetsk-controlled separatists, not directly, but through companies specially registered for DNR citizens. Sergei Petrov, a representative of the Nizhny Novgorod region in Belarus:

“The MAZ Trading House sells its products to various Russian companies registered in Russia, and from there the cars also go to Donetsk.”

There the Belarusian machines get the plate “Made in DNR” and are sent to what is left of the factories. For example, in the city of Torez, which made it to world news, when the anti-aircraft missile of the separatists hit the Malaysian Boeing. Here, at the TETZ plant, which has never been engaged in wheeled equipment, they have been imitating the production of backhoe loaders for a year now. Igor Nevalenny, Director of Torez Electrotechnical Plant, said:

“We signed a license agreement, according to which we will receive design and technological documentation and we will master the production of attachments.”

And who signed the agreement? It is not difficult to check: drawings and photographs are of allegedly DNR made tractors from Torez, belonging to the enterprise “Dorelectromash”. The legal address is Belarus, the city of Smalyavichy. And the tractor has the Smalyavichy attachments, and not that of Donetsk “TETZ”, but “Belarus 92P” of the Minsk Tractor Works. Alexander Zakharchenko, the head of the DNR:

“I am proud that we are starting to assemble tractors here. This is the same program as for the buses — kit assembly. But in the future we will also make here attachments. Two of these tractors will be sent today in Debaltsevo for snow removal ”.

You can also remove snow with an excavators and loaders, but they usually dig trenches and dugouts in a war. And the MAZ chassis can be used to make both a body for transporting soldiers and ammunition, and the Grad multiple launch rocket system. At the Minsk Automobile Plant, “Belsat” was told that they knew nothing about deliveries to Donetsk. And the so-called Ministry of Industry of the DNR said that cooperation with Minsk exists, but it is unofficial, and everyone is silent about it. But there is also cooperation with Ukraine — official and direct. Dzyanis Launikevich, Belarusian journalist in Kyiv, said:

“MAZ supplies a large number of trucks for the Ukrainian army, the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are talking about vehicle sets, which are assembled in Ukraine under the name “Bogdan”. But these are Belarusian trucks originally made for military needs in Belarus.”

According to columnist Dzyanis Launikevich, official Kyiv is unlikely to apply sanctions against MAZ, because both sides will suffer from them. After all, MAZ for Ukraine means trucks for the army, buses, spare parts and service. But certain political steps can be expected.

Yaraslau Stseshyk, Katsyaryna Andreyva,

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