Belarusian fuel deliveries to Ukraine down by 90%

In October, deliveries of the A-92 gasoline from Belarus to Ukraine decreased compared to this year’s monthly average by 91% to 4 million tonnes.

Ukrainian economic media outline learned about the change in delivery figures from the “consulting group A-95”, which had conducted its own research.

The sharp reduction in the supply has led to a deficit of A-92 in the amount of 30-35K tons, which is about 40% of this oil type consumption. This oil deficit will provoke increase in fuel prices.

In 2017, the A-92 gasoline consumption in Ukraine has amounted to 80-85K tons per month. Of these, imports have accounted for 40-45K tons, 98% of comes from Belarus. In October 2017, imports of the A-92 amounted to 9.7 thousand tons, only 4K tons of which came from Belarus.

According to, a sharp decline in supply is due to the planned repair of the Mazyr refinery, which began on September 10 and was to end by November 2017.

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