Belarusian factory workers receive part of salary in goods has received information that at the Homiel knitting factory “March 8” part of the salary was paid with goods:

“At the “March 8” knitwear factory wages were paid with stockings, socks and underwear. It was not the first time that this happened with employees of the enterprise,” said a Belsat source.

We tried to figure out whether this information is true and what factory workers think about it.

Our source who wished to remain anonymous, said that indeed, part of the salary in the amount of 80 rubles was paid in two certificates of 40 rubles each for finished goods of the factory. In this case, the payslip indicated “80 rubles”. When there were disagreements with this state of affairs, the director issued an order, which each employee had to sign:

“These certificates have been issued to us probably for a third time. Thus, the management of the factory wants to execute the order of the head of the country in raising the salaries of state employees,” the employee believes.

Other workers who agreed to talk with us say that the certificates were issued as New Year gifts.

Some of the workers, on the contrary, are happy with this “bonus”:

“We are asking for them! We like our products. Why not have it?!” a worker notes. Her friend adds: “Certificates were issued for the holiday, we went and picked the products that we wanted. Why protest?”

It was not possible to get official information from the company’s managers: nobody answered our phone calls.

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