Belarusian drug legislation finally amended

Deputies of the House of Representatives have adopted changes to Article 328 of the Criminal Code, which is called “drug-related”. The Interior Ministry has previously actively advocated against the changes.

The main change is the lowered limits of punishment in some parts of the 328th article. Now, possession of drugs for the purpose of distribution is punishable with a sentence of 3 to 8 years. Previously, the minimum sentence provided for 5 years in prison. The penalty for the same crime committed by a group of persons on a large scale or repeatedly, the prison term was reduced to 6 years imprisonment instead of 8.

Punishment for people storing narcotic substances with no purpose of distribution did not change. It can still lead to the freedom restriction for up to 5 years.

“Basically, the requirements that we voiced were fulfilled. We asked the deputies to adopt the bill, they did it,” said Tatsiana Kaneuskaya, an activist of the ‘Mothers 328’ movement, told Belsat.

At the same time, activists of the movement intend to fight for further changes in drug legislation.

“We spoke with Uladzimir Chakan, deputies of the House of Representatives. We agreed that after the House of Representatives comes back from the summer vacation, we will continue to discuss changes in legislation. We are committed to helping minors get out of prison. And we also intend to continue working with the courts, the prosecutor’s office, in order to change the law enforcement practice,” added Tatsyana Kaneuskaya.

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