Belarusian cultural figures asking Lithuania to bury Kalinouski in Belarus

Cultural figures and representatives of the Belarusian intelligentsia appealed to the leadership of Lithuania to bury Kastus Kalinouski in Belarus.

“We understand that you, the people of Lithuania, also regard Kanstantsin Kalinouski as your hero. We understand and respect your aspiration to the fact that Kanstantsin Kalinouski’s burial place should be in a special place – the pantheon of freedom fighters. We, the Belarusians, also need such a place. We believe that our national hero Kanstantsin Kalinouski should be buried in Belarus, and we ask the Lithuanian people to consider this possibility,” reads the appeal.

Anyone can sign up for the appeal. The collection of signatures will last until the morning of September 27.

See the full text of the appeal and the list of persons who signed it HERE.

This year, Hrodna residents began a campaign to popularize the personality of Kastus Kalinouski and the history of the uprising of 1863-1864.

Kastus Kalinouski was one of the leaders of the 1863-1864 uprising. He published the first Belarusian-language newspaper “Muzhytskaya Prauda” with his colleagues. He was seized by the tsarist gendarmes and executed by hanging for organizing an uprising against the tsarist regime. The massacre took place on March 22, 1864 on Lukishskaya Square in Vilnius. Kalinouski was probably buried on Gedimin Hill, where the Russian military garrison was located at that time.

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