Belarusian courts battling poets and singers


The Court of Appeal dismissed the case of the Hrodna band gig organizer and did not satisfy his claim to the Minsk City Executive Committee, which had banned the performance.

Earlier, the Economic Court of Minsk took the side of the ideologues and banned the concert of Ales Dzyanisau through a “low level of performance.”

A week ago, the founder of the TuzinFM portal announced the fundraising campaign for a lawyer to appeal the ban of the Dzyanisau’s recital.

Ales Dzyanisau (group “Kalyan”, “People in the Swamp», “Dzieciuki”) was forbidden to perform a solo concert titled “A Brief History of Belarus” based on the poems of the poet Ales Chobat. The Art Commission of the Minsk City Executive Committee called the artistic level of Ales Dzyanisau low and banned the event.

At the same time, as stated in the report and confirmed by a member of the commission, they did not even listen to the music, they only browsed the lyrics.

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