Belarusians appeal to Trump about local bus station closure

Activist Alyaksei Paulousky has helped 13 residents of Mahiliou and Homiel write an appeal to the American president. Belarusians complained to US President Donald Trump about the closure of the bus station in the Dousk agro-town, writes.

“Dear President of the powerful US Donald Trump, the hope of the Belarusians only lies with you! You are building a wall (on the border with Mexico against illegal migrants – Ed.), while in Belarus, concern means destruction of the transport infrastructure. You extended a hand of humanitarian aid to Venezuela, so help Belarusians as well,” the letter says.

The people who signed the appeal asked the American leader to send and install dry closets, litter bins, benches, and a small stove at a closed bus station.

The bus station was closed due to low passenger traffic. Last year, the station building was sold at auction. Residents of the neighborhood complained about the closure of the station to the head of Belarus.