Belarusian citizen involved in arms incident in Reuters office in Poland

On Tuesday evening, the local police detained an armed man who entered the office of Thomson Reuters in Poland’s Gdynia. The detainee is a Belarusian citizen and employee of the agency.

The police confirmed that there were two shots, but no one was hurt.

The 30-year-old man came to his work around 19:00. According to information provided by the Polish radio RMF FM, he had a Glock and a long-barrelled gun on him. The man is fond of target shooting and has gun permit.

The incident was a unforeseen coincidence of circumstances, sources close to Reuters say. The Belarusian allegedly intended to show his gun to a colleague, which caused panic. When others were trying to seize the gun from the Belarusian’s hands, it took two shots.

In accordance with another version, the man did take guns to the office as he had trained at a shooting range before; accidental shooting reportedly occurred during his being detained by the police which had been called.

“We are checking all information <…> If we confirmed one of the many versions, it would be speculation. First and foremost, we want to set the record straight; then we will be able to go into detail,” Michał Zenkiewicz, a representative of the local police, told

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