Belarusian-born Russian nationalist: KGB doesn’t let me visit native country

Kiryl Aviaryanau-Minski states he has been denied entry to Belarus over the last months.

“I cannot come to my native Byelorussia because someone set the KGB after me. They say I am a subversive and agent provocateur. As for my citizenship, I have the same situation as Pavel Sheremet does,” he told Belarusian newspaper Nasha Niva.

Mr Aviaryanau-Minski refused to go into detail on the subject.

Pavel Sheremet, a well-known Belarusian and Russian journalist, was deprived of the Belarusian citizenship due to his ‘becoming a citizen of Russia’.

Kiryl Aviaryanau-Minski repeatedly published his article on ‘Sputnik i Pogrom’ (Sputnik and Riot), a news portal of the radical Russian nationalists’. Its editor-in-chief Yegor Prosvirnin has recently called on Russia to seize or even destroy Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Kiryl Aviaryanau-Minski bills himself as a historuan and expert on Belarusian issues. In his article he states that the Belarusians is ‘artificial’ nation with ‘artificial’ culture and language which was deparated from ‘the Russian world’ by mistake. In addition, the political writer often calls president Aliaksandr Lukashenka ‘a betrayer of Russia’s interests’.

The Belarusian Committee for State Security (KGB) declined to comment on the situation while the Foreign Ministry referred to a gag order.

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