Belarusian bloggers for better tomorrow: Meeting in Minsk

Reputed bloggers urge Belarusians to gather and discuss the future of the country. It is the citizens who should decide where Belarus should move to, blogger NEXTA said on Telegram.

The initiative to hold a meeting has sprung amid the public response to a number of documentaries about Alyaksandr Lukashenka, the first and still the only president of Belarus. NEXTA’s film Lukashenka. Criminal Materials has more than 1.4 mln views on YouTube, 500,000 – on the Russian platform Odnoklassniki and tens of thousands on other social media.

In turn, blogger MozgON released a video in which he calls for not only informing people, but also working out measures to buuild a better tomorrow.

The bloggers invite people to show up at Liberty Square in Minsk on November, 8 at 18.00 (local time).

Belarus state TV seeks to destroy independent blogger NEXTA using dubious methods

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