Belarusian attempts to smuggle cartridges and vials from Ukraine

At the Domanovo checkpoint, Ukrainian border guards detained a citizen of Belarus with a package of 114 cartridges with rubber bullets, one 7.62 bullet and six vials with unknown substance.

This was reported by the press center of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, reports.

“The man was a passanger on the Kovel-Brest commuter bus. During the documents check, law enforcement officers immediately noticed that he looked very agitated. The border and customs team checked his bags and seat. They found a package with 114 rounds of 9 mm with rubber bullets, one bullet of 7.62 mm and six vials with an unknown substance. The Belarusian explained that he was going to sell the cartridges found between the seats, and the remaining items he had found,” said the statement.

According to the border guards, the decision about the offender will be made after the preparation of documents and examination.,

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