Belarusian and Russian military ‘destroy’ common enemy

Belarus-Russia military drill. Photo:

During the joint exercises with the Russians called “Shield of the Union” the Belarusian military held a defensive battle with a conventional enemy in the front line of defense, Belarusian Ministry of Defense reports.

Что включает неофициальная часть российско-белорусских учений «Щит Союза»?

Artillery units from Belarus hit the command posts, as well as military personnel and equipment of the conventional enemy, preventing it from gaining a foothold on the occupied borders.

Also, in the absence of any light targets on the ground the Belarusian group of Su-25 attack aircraft struck the tank unit on the march. For this purpose, 250-kilogram aircraft bombs and unguided missiles of various types were used.

Военный союз с Россией стал для Беларуси угрозой

The Ministry noted that the Belarusian military coped with their tasks successfully.

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