Belarusian Ambassador resigns over ‘lack of international legitimacy’ of Lukashenka

Ambassador of Belarus in Argentina Uladzimir Astapenka has announced his resignation. He resigned as early as September 23 on the day of secret inauguration of Alyaksandr Lukashenka — by agreement of the parties to the contract. On October 27 Astapenka withdrew his application and filed a new one due to violation of law by his employer, Radio Liberty reports.

Astapenka said that he didn’t receive any reaction to his first resignation application. In his second application, he demanded to be dismissed from the post of ambassador under Article 41 – “in connection with violations of the law by employers who hinder the performance of work under an employment contract”.

“The lack of international legitimacy of the head of state does not allow me, as a diplomat and as a patriot of my country, to continue to fulfill the duties of an ambassador in good faith, being subordinate to a person who has no right to express the will of the Belarusian people,” Astapenka said.

Besides, in the recorded video he stated that he hopes for the return of the state white-red-white symbols.

“I believe that the time will come when we will be able to raise the white-red-white flag over all embassies of the Republic of Belarus in the world,” the diplomat said.

Uladzimir Astapenka is the sixth Belarusian ambassador who publicly supported peaceful protests in Belarus that began after the presidential elections held on August 9.