Belarus will not be friends with EU against Russia — FM Makei

Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei said in an interview with news agency “Xinhua” that Russia is Belarus’ partner of paramount importance.

Makei said that Belarus is at the crossroads between East and West, and feels all the negative consequences of confrontation in the region.

“Therefore, we would like to have, as I said, equally close relations with all. At the same time, we understand that for us Russia is a strategic partner of paramount importance in every respect: the political, military and political, trade-economic, humanitarian and so forth,” said the Minister.

In 2017, the trade between Belarus and Russia amounted to about $ 30 billion, at the best of times, it was $ 44 billion.

“But even this figure – $ 30 billion – says that since 1995 trade turnover between our countries has increased almost six-fold,” stated the diplomat.

Makei said that the EU is the second partner of importance for Belarus.

“We are developing our trade, economic, and political relations with the EU, while telling to our partners that we do not in any way intend to be friends with you at the expense of Russia, or against, or to the detriment of Russia,” he pointed out.

According to the Minister, Belarus can survive only thanks to normal relations with all global players in the region and the world, and he sees no contradictions in this policy.

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