Belarus volunteer fighter wounded in Ukraine

Alyaksandr Malchanau

Belarusian citizen Alyaksandr Malchanau, who fights on the side of the Ukrainian army in Donbas, was wounded at the battle of Svetlodarsk.

“A metal object ran through my eye; now it is somewhere near the nose,” Malchanau said on Facebook on Monday.

At the moment, the volunteer fighter is in hospital. The injure is not life-threatening, but he may lose the eye.

Pro-Russian separatists launched rocket-propelled grenades and sprayed His 72nd brigade with machine-gun fire near Svetlodarsk in Donetsk region, Malchanau told

Alyaksandr Malchanau is a former political prisoner. During the 2010 post-election peaceful protests he removed the official flag from the KGB building). When the Russian aggression in Donbas, he joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a contracted soldier. He was awarded the medal For Courage.

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