Belarus volunteer fighter holds meetings with Ukrainian youth

Belarusian national ‘Zubr’ keeps holding meetings with Ukrainian school students as part of the campaign launched by Pahonya group and supported by Ukrainian MP Igor Guz.

Its aim is raising public awareness of Belarusians volunteers’ fighting for Ukraine in the conflict in Donbas

This time, ‘Zubr’ visited the school in the villages of Lukovichi and Pavlivka (Volyn region). Prior to this event, Belarusian volunteers met with pupils in nine schools of Vladimir Volynsky, Kovel, Lyuboml and Smidyn. In total, over 2,000 schoolchildren have been reached in the course of the campaign.

At each meeting, students ask questions about Belarus and the situation at the front. Ukrainian pupils had the opportunity to take a selfie with the white-red-white flag and the Belarusian volunteer.

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