Belarus unwilling to bury integration processes, but wants ‘benefits’ – FM

Belarus will never initiate any moves to bury the integration processes in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Minister of Foreign Affairs Uladzimir Makey told reporters in the run-up of the session of the CIS Plenipotentiaries Council on Thursday.

At the same time, CIS activity should give ‘concrete benefits’, he stressed.

“Belarus has always wanted the CIS to develop and grow stronger. We have always supported the development of the integration processes. The CIS includes about ten states with different interests, foreign policy and foreign economy goals. Still, we manage to join our efforts to address the common problems and challenges we face,” Makey said.

In his opinion, the 25 years since the establishment of the CIS show that the organization is relevant not just as a discussion platform but also as a center that develops specific solutions to improve the well-being of peoples and countries.

According to the minister, the number one goal for the near future is to make the CIS stronger and improve its image.That is why the CIS Heads of State Council suggested adjusting the CIS to the present-day challenges.

“We must do a lot in order to strengthen our organization and its bodies, make good decisions. Our structure and the legal framework need to be optimized,” Uladzimir Makey added., following BelTA

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