Belarus under unprecedented pressure, Lukashenka says

During a meeting with representatives of major state-run media at the Independence Palace, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that Belarus was facing five pandemics at once, BelTA writes.

Lukashenka has counted five pandemics: medical, hydrocarbon, economic, political, and the information one.

“I must admit that Belarus has not experienced such pressure as these days during the whole period of its independent development. Everything is woven together in one knot,” he stressed.

Lukashenka also spoke out against radical reforms.

“We have moved away from what is now offered to us in the mid-1990s. We are even offered to go back in 1994 (which is very strange) and get the Constitution that was then,” he said. “What we can’t do in any way is go back to the mid-1990s and get the Constitution that we stepped away from. The Constitution is the main body of laws. It is a document that gives direction to the development of this or that state. Therefore, when we talk about reforms, “changes”, it should be written first of all in the Constitution and developed in laws”.