Belarus to conduct paid tours of Charnobyl zone

The Belarusian exclusion zone, fenced after the accident at the Charnobyl nuclear power plant, will now open for tourists.

Tourist routes are already being organized, Maksim Kudzin, deputy director of the Palessye State Radiation and Ecological Reserve, told ONT.

According to Kuzdin, people have not lived in the Belarusian exclusion zone for a long time. The expert assured journalists that during the person’s stay in the zone, the radiation dose received by them will be less than the dose they receive from flying over the contaminated area by plane.

The cost of the tour for a group of three to five people will be about 340 BYN.

The accident at the Charnobyl nuclear power plant occurred on the night of April 26, 1986. The explosion at the fourth power unit was the largest accident in the history of world nuclear energy.

Чернобыльскую АЭС можно посетить за деньги. Экскурсия предусматривает «обед ликвидатора»


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