Belarus to build airport for low cost airlines, but not in Minsk

A Wizz Air Airbus A321 aircraft is seen on the tarmac after the unveiling ceremony of the 100th plane of its fleet at Budapest Airport, Hungary, June 4, 2018. REUTERS/Bernadett Szabo

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is looking into the issue of creating an airport for low-cost airlines in one of the regional centers of Belarus.

“We are focusing mainly on development of regional airports in terms of attracting both charter and regular flights there. Now we are working on a basic regional airport for low-cost air companies that may come to Belarus,” said Transport and Communications Minister Alyaksei Auramenka during a departmental meeting.

«Wizz Air» можа запусціць танныя рэйсы з Будапэшту ў Менск

The minister noted that it is not yet known where the airport will be built.

“However, low costers will first come to regional airports — this is our approach to working with them,” said Auramenka.

«Ryanair» звальняе працаўнікоў у Эйндговэне, бо яны не хочуць пераязджаць у Беларусь

The national airport basically does not want to work with cheap airlines. “We chose another direction. We still have the National Airport “Minsk”, it should be developed according to classical examples. And with the low costers — the company brings you to the final destination and then you are on your own. In Paris, for example, there are several airports, but low-cost companies will take you 90 kilometers away from Paris, but not to Charles de Gaulle and then, you can do what you want,” said Dzmitry Melikyan, director of the National Airport in 2017.

С центрального вокзала в Минске до Национального аэропорта можно добраться за 40 мин., но при условии, что вы имеете автомобіль. На автобусе такое путешествие может занять около часа.

За 2 гады бязвізу ў Беларусь прыехала 200 000 замежнікаў,

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