Belarus to allow foreigners use medical marijuana and amphetamine during European Games

Foreigners who will come to Belarus for the European Games will be allowed to use marijuana and amphetamine for medical purposes, the civil movement “Legalize Belarus” wrote on Facebook.

Representatives of the organization sent inquiries to various departments (links to replies HERE), in which they asked to allow foreign guests to use controlled substances during the European Games.

The response from the State Border Committee states that Belarus allows “to bring drugs (including amphetamine, marijuana), but only in the form of medical drugs,” the Legalize Belarus refers to the response of the border guards.

But in reality the situation looks different.

The rules for importing drugs provide for obtaining a license to import or export drugs that are not on the list of prohibited ones. It is possible to import marijuana but with the permission of a number of departments and only for scientific purposes.

By the way, the response of officials notes that amphetamine and marijuana are psychotropic substances that are not used for medical purposes (see excerpt from the Ministry of Health). At least in Belarus.

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