Belarus state TV shows another horror story about White Legion

The Belteleradiocompany has once again tried to scare its own audience by a  “revelatory” investigative journalism related to the “case of patriots” or “the case of the Belarusian professional fighters”. screenshot

Another TV story “for a wide TV audience” called “White Legion – Black Souls” was shown on the evening air of the state TV channel.

Viewers were shown a warm welcome of Ms A. at the embassy of Belarus in Germany, as well as a letter where anything could be written. screenshot of the infamous Ms A

A special attack was made on the independent media: “Polish TV channel Belsat”, “Radio Liberty”, even was mentioned. Independent media, state TV said, “took a vile stance”: not only did it broadcast straight from the scene of the events, after it was reported about mass riots, they still call on people to take to the streets, right into a trap.

The program also mentioned foreign journalists, saying that there is no reason for them to come here, as there are plenty of other points of protest elsewhere in the world. Therefore, they had to leave empty-handed.

Some Belarusian emigrants got into hot water: Radzina, Milinkevich, Bandarenka. There were accusations against the current opposition leaders.

According to the state TV story, the Belarusian opposition leaders did everything possible to not be at the Freedom Day protest. According to the video authors, Vital Rymasheuski, Anatol Lyabedzka, Yury Hubarevich, Pavel Sevyarynets and others went to small town to be arrested on purpose. After all, they could not agree on the Freedom Day action plan with Mikalai Statkevich.

By the way, Mr Statkevich, according to the story, was hiding in the apartment of another party member and “invented a fake story about the torture chambers of the KGB”.

The film features interrogation footage of Andrei Komlik-Yamatsin, who was recently engaged in the revival of ethnic traditions, namely, embroidered shirts. According to Andrei’s wife, he left home to take out the trash and never returned.

According to the film’s director, Mr. Andrei allegedly claims that he was trained to be a militant in Ukraine. screenshotKurapaty was also among the topics raised. The video claimed that the people there neither defended the interests of the relatives of the victims nor protected the national necropolis, but decided to put up a tent city to once again put pressure on the authorities.

It can be seen that the film had been designed to intimidate sensitive citizens who watch state TV without self-censorship. But the main targets here was the older generation for whom the internal and external security experts are actor Uladzimir Hastyukhin and musician Anatol Yarmolenka.

The film also showed a psychologist, whose name is still unknown, who watched the promo video and concluded that in the Patriot sports club kids were being brainwashed:

My concern is the visual and audio component of the promo. This is a video where they train suicide bombers, said the psychologist.

In conclusion, the anchor commented on the Freedom Day mass arrests:

On March 25, people were carefully removed from the street.

Therefore, Belarusians should be grateful to the police for “light walk” and several hours in the police station.

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