Belarus state TV publishes poll on electoral preferences of Belarusians

More than 87% of Belarusian citizens will take part in the presidential elections and a large majority of voters will give preference to the existing head of state, says the data published by the ONT TV channel with reference to a poll conducted by the analytical center Ecoom.

The analytical center Ecoom, known for its pro-governmental electoral research, has conducted another opinion poll. The research was conducted from July 10 to July 13, 2020 by phone.

According to the poll. 87,3% of the country’s citizens answered that they intend to take part in presidential elections. At the same time 69.4% of respondents are ready to vote for the incumbent head of state. However, the ratings of other candidates do not exceed 14.6% in total. Thus, the pro-government center estimated the rating of Viktar Babaryka at 6.7%, while that of Valer Tsapkala is 3.1%.

As many as 3.5% of respondents intend to vote against all the candidates.

ONT notes that there will be further growth of A. Lukashenka’s electoral rating (over 70%).

According to the survey, the level of confidence in the existing leader of the country, which includes not only the electoral rating, but also an assessment of socio-economic policy and the effectiveness of his decisions is 78.1%.

Earlier there appeared information from the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus wchich states that in April the trust rating of Lukashenka in Minsk was 24%.

In the morning of July 14th, law enforcers summoned some workers of the Institute of Sociology and were interested in their data on electronic media.