Belarus starts importing oil from Norway

Belarusian Oil Company (BOC) has bought a batch of Norwegian oil from Johan Sverdrup with delivery to the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda, reports the Reuters agency.

“We’re waiting for this delivery, and then we’ll continue negotiations,” said a representative of Belneftekhim to Reuters.

The oil will be delivered to Navapolatsk Refinery by rail.

According to a source in the agency, the delivery of oil from Klaipeda to Navapolatsk Refinery will cost Minsk much more than the import by pipelines — transshipment and transportation to the plant by rail will cost over $20 per ton.

The French Total could act as a seller of Johan Sverdrup oil, the agency sources claim.

Deliveries of Johan Sverdrup oil to the market began in autumn 2019 after the launch of the oil field of the same name on the Norwegian shelf.