Belarus ranks second among former Soviet states in USD rate increase


In January, the Belarusian ruble depreciated 12.14%.

The situation is worse only in Tajikistan, where the currency in January lost 12.19% of its value in relation to the USD. The devaluation in other countries of the former Soviet Union in January this year:

Kazakhstan – 7.46%
Moldova – 4.81%
Ukraine – 4.80%
Georgia – 3.22%
Russia – 3.14%
Azerbaijan – 2.65%
Armenia – 1.03%
Uzbekistan – 0.77%
Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia – 0.29%
Kyrgyzstan – 0.02%

In Turkmenistan, the dollar exchange rate in January remained the same.

If we consider the increase in prices in 2015, Belarus with 12% ranked fifth among the former Soviet countries., Belapan

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