Belarus’ Prosecutor General seeks to declare opposition politician Latushka international fugitive

The Belarusian Prosecutor General has appealed to the National Central Bureau of Interpol in the Republic of Belarus, asking to place former state official Pavel Latushka on the international wanted list. All the necessary documents have been sent as well, the agency reports.

According to them, Pavel Latushka is charged under Article 357-1 (‘conspiracy to seize state power in an unconstitutional way’), Art. 361-1 (‘establishing an extremist group”), Art. 361-3 (‘calls for actions aimed at threatening national security’). After studying the document mentioned above, Interpol may issue an international arrest warrant against Latushka or turn down the Belarusian authorities’ appeal.

“As part of the criminal case which the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee is probing into, taking into pretrial detention was chosen and approved by the prosecutor as a measure of restraint to be imposed on Pavel Latushka,” the statement reads.

Pavel Latushka is a former minister of culture of Belarus; he also served as Belarus’ Ambassador to Poland and France. In March 2019, he was appointed director of the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theatre. He lost his job after he openly supported anti-government protesters, including his subordinates who took part in rallies, and condemned police abuse and violence against dissidents.

Pavel Latushka also joined the board of the opposition Coordination Council which was set up by Tsikhanouskaya and her associates as part of taking urgent measures to restore law and order in Belarus as well as to ensure the transfer of power in the country. Belarus’ Prosecutor General opened a criminal case over establishing the Council, naming it a ‘threat to national security’. In early September, Belarusian special services gave Latushka an unpleasant choice: either he leaves the country, or a criminal case will be instituted against him. Since late October, he has been in charge of the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration (PACA) in exile.

Last week, Latushka said in a video message that the Belarusian opposition was going to push for recognising the Lukashenka regime as terrorism on the global stage.

Pavel Latushka: Opposition to raise question of recognising Lukashenka regime as terrorism
2021.01.15 22:38