Belarus police forge documents to put journalist on trial


Ales Lyauchuk was tried with numerous violations of the law, but the judge of the Brest court Raman Karaban still fined the journalist 25 basic units.

The journalist of Belsat was tried not only without his presence in court, but on the basis of a document that had no legal force.

“There was nothing in the case — neither testimony of witnesses nor explanations. As a result, the policeman decided that it was legal and filed a new protocol. In particular, it stated that I refused to sign it. But it is obvious that this is not only a lie, but also a criminal offense by Raman Trafimuk. I mean the forgery of the protocol,” says our colleague.

Recently, Lyauchuk sent a complaint to the regional court, in which he asked to cancel the decision of the court of first instance and bring to justice the policeman who had violated the law.

The reason for the persecution was the material in which the journalist uncovered a scheme used by the ofiicials to steal money.

Lyauchuk was to be tried on March 2, but Raman Trafimuk, a police officer of the MIA, could not correctly file a protocol on the first attempt, and there was no time to redo it, and then Trafimuk drafted a new protocol.

The journalist was summoned to the court by an SMS message, which Lyauchuk received at 9:46. It said that his case would be considered 14 minutes later — at 10:00.

Lyauchuk learned about the case being postponed from a letter on 12 March. The journalist is tried under article 22.9 of the Code of Administrative Violations (violation of the law on mass media).


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