Belarus police detain 15 y.o. admin who posted ‘pacificating’ siloviki’s data on web

An administrator of Telegram channel ‘Data of Punishers of Belarus’ was detained in the Belarusian town of Dobrush (Homiel region). The channel that published the personal data of officers who reportedly used violence against peaceful protesters is now under police control.

According to the Homiel police department, the detainee who turned out to be a 15-year-old person admitted that he posted information about employees of the internal affairs bodies on Telegram.

In addition, the minor received donations from his subscribers, the statement says. At the moment, the police are currently checking into his allegedly implication in libel, fraud, public insulting officials, illegal collection or dissemination of information about private life, etc.

They are also trying to identify persons who passed information to the admin. However, according to the authorities, this particular Telegram channel mainly shared the content provided by other channels that are engaged in the deanonymization of Belarusian siloviki.

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In early October, 19 criminal cases against persons who published information about police officers and their relatives on the Internet, as well as against those who insulted and threatened security officials, were opened by the Main Directorate of Internal Security of the Interior Ministry in Minsk.

Amid post-election protests in Belarus, more than 1,000 persons filed complaints against siloviki’s violence. On August 26, an interdepartmental commission was set up to probe into police abuse cases reported by citizens. However, there have been no public reports on the work of the commission or criminal proceedings brought against policemen over resorting to excessive force yet. Moreover, hundreds of criminal cases have been initiated against the protesters.

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