Belarus plans to close Druzhba oil pipeline for repairs

Belarus is planning the repairs of five sections of the Druzhba pipeline, the first deputy general director of Gomeltransneft Druzhba, Andrei Vyaryha, said on April 11.

“The metal has been in the ground for over 50 years. Naturally, it requires repair and maintenance, so there are always facilities and areas on the pipeline that require repair. Today we are designing five sites,” Vyaryha said, Prime writes.

In turn, Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Ihar Pyatryshenka noted that “this pipeline should have been closed for scheduled maintenance a year and a half ago,” BelTA informs.

According to him, it was previously decided for the sake of partners to repair the pipeline during its operation, and not to close the sections. But now, due to environmental concerns, there are parts of it that cannot be repaired without restricting or blocking the transportation of oil through them.

As to the amount of time it may take to repair, the Deputy Prime Minister said that the conclusions should be made by engineers and technical workers who are engaged in the operation of the pipeline. Specialists should hold active consultations in order for the oil pipeline to function not to the detriment of the nature of Belarus and to complete all deliveries, Pyatryshenka emphasized.

Lukashenka slams ‘sanctions’, threatens Russia with closing oil pipelines in Belarus

The need to repair the pipeline was announced at a meeting by the head of Belarus Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

“We would need to close these pipelines for repair for several days. But we have not done so. We understood that this would be detrimental to the Russian Federation. And then I instructed people to work in emergency order, but not to block the roads along which the main export product of the Russian Federation — oil — is transported,” he said.

But now, in response to sanctions from the Russian side, Lukashenka instructed to put on repair oil pipelines that go through Belarus, because “the good that we do for the Russian Federation, constantly returns to us as evil.”

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