“Belarus officials never cut own salaries, they need scapegoats” – protesters in Minsk


Belarusian market vendors and indifferent people who decided to express solidarity with them have told Belsat TV why they were protesting in October Square in Minsk.


“I am not an entrepreneur, but I am solidarity with them, because as the saying goes, first they came for entrepreneurs, and tomorrow they will come for all the rest. It’s high time we found some acceptable solution, something must be done. The authorities obviously want to make up their own incompetence at the expense of ordinary people – today at the cost of entrepreneurs, tomorrow there will be a rise in utility rates, and this will continue unabated. They will never lower their own standard of living, they will never cut their own salaries! Therefore, they will be looking for scapegoats,” a man says.

Another protester says that no one but Belarusians will fight for the rights of Belarusians store and sees no other option but taking to the streets and protesting. .

“I work alone, I have no seller, no loader, nor accountant. When can I work? I just need to survive,” a market vendor says in despair.

“In fact, it is just the way the so-called ‘Russian world’ looks: first they bankrupt you, then they will lord it over you,” a participant said.

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