Belarus not going to host foreign military bases or wage war – FM

Uladzimir Makey, archival photo

Not wanting to be a source of tension in the region, Belarus is not going to deploy foreign military bases, Minister of Foreign Affairs Uladzimir Makey said at the first conference of Belarus’ honorary consuls.

“When someone tries to thrust the message on us that Belarus poses a threat to neighbors — Ukraine, the Baltic states or Poland – because of its cosiness with Russia… Naturally, when one starts justifying themselves, they will seem to have some fault. In response, we are making it clear that any threat to any country has never come from our territory and it never will. We has no intention to wage a war against anyone. We do not want to host some additional foreign military bases in our country since we realize that it will be used by our foreign partners to make an adequate response, that it will result in fomenting tension. We don’t want to be a source of tensions,” the diplomat said.

According to the minister, Belarus does not claim territories of any other states. Conversely, the country is pursuing a multi-vector policy, he stated.

“The main point of our policy is that we are trying to build equal relations in all the directions. We are not going to break our allied relations with Russia. We are going to strengthen them. We also want to have good relations with the European Union, which is our second biggest trade and economic partner. We are not going to be friends with someone at the expense of someone else or against someone else. I would like to emphasize once again: we want to be friends with everyone, we want to have equal relations with everyone – Russia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia. We need good relations with everyone,” state-run news agency BelTA quotes Makey.

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