Belarus’ new military doctrine is response to ‘colour revolutions’ – Defense Minister


The first reading of the draft law on the Military Doctrine has been passed by the lower house of the Belarusian parliament on Monday.  It has expanded the range of domestic and foreign threats to Belarus.

According to Defense Minister Andrey Raukou, the document relies on conclusions from a systemic analysis of the military and political situation evolving around Belarus and in the world.

Close attention is paid to negative trends connected with the development of the concept of colour revolutions and schemes designed to change the constitutional order and break the territorial integrity of countries by provoking domestic armed conflicts, state-run news agency BelTA reports.

“The bill lists a number of main external and internal military dangers for Belarus. The list of dangers has been considerably expanded in comparison with the one in the national security concept,” the minister stressed. In particular, it takes into account the factors that lie outside the military sphere yet may essentially influence the national defensive capability.

As for today the previous wording of the Military Doctrine has almost fulfilled its strategic purpose while he revised Military Doctrine of Belarus has preserved its defensive thrust, Raukou noted. “We view no one as our potential enemy and threat no one, but we will defend our interests with all the means we have,” he said.

The bill provides for the prohibition of the Belarusian army’s participation in military operations abroad., following BelTA

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