Belarus National Bank: No talks about new IMF loan program

At the moment, Belarus is not negotiating a new IMF loan program, Dzmitry Kalechyts, Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Belarus, said on Tuesday.

“I will not comment on these things, we are now discussing these issues with the International Monetary Fund,” the top official said when asked about the possibility of resuming the negotiations on a new IMF program.

Next week the IMF mission headed by Jacques Miniane will arrive in Minsk. The delegates are expected to work in Belarus till November, 5.

The previous negotiations with the IMF were interrupted in the summer of 2017. Belarus then wanted to get a loan of $3 bn. Last loan, which Minsk received from the IMF, was in 2009-2010 in the amount of $3.5 bn dollars.

History repeats itself: Belarus seeking IMF financial support

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