Belarus men may be barred from public service without active duty

The Belarusian authorities are considering a possibility to limit access to the public service for men who do not want to serve in the army, the Ministry of Defense reports.

“We are weighing restrictions on employing citizens, who failed to do military service without a legitimate reason, as public servants. We are also reviewing a possibility to temporarily suspend the citizens’ right to leave the Republic of Belarus in case of their failure to appear at call-up events,” the statement reads.

In recent years, Belarus has been short of recruitees. “The lack of draftees is primarily caused by the demographic situation in the country,” the MoD said. According to them, reducing the number of draft deferments could become a solution.

Belarusian Armed Forces undermanned – Lukashenka

This year, the Defense Ministry has come forward with the initiative to introduce new deferment rules for students and grant privileges to those who served in the Armed Forces.

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