Belarus may join Russia in Moon and Mars exploration

Belarus may join the Russian programs in the development of Mars and the Moon, said the general director of the Joint Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Alyaksandr Tuzikau.

He noted that the Belarusian and Russian sides discussed the possibility of expanding the cooperation, reports citing

“This time, they touched upon the possibilities of cooperation not only within the Union State programs. They also discussed implementation of joint projects within the national space programs,” he told Tuzikau.

According to him, Belarus can potentially create equipment for the Russian space projects. In addition, he said, Belarusian specialists have accumulated enough experience and knowledge, “which the Russian colleagues may not possess.”

Head of the Belarusian enterprise “Geographic Information Systems” Syarhei Zalatoy confirmed that Belarusian companies already have a number of orders for the Russian Martian and lunar programs.

Zalatoy stressed that Belarus has created a “unique test installation, creating surfaces that behave well when entering the dense layers of the atmosphere.” Besides, Belarusian specialists are ready to participate in the development of the Martian rover.,

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