Belarus leader set to keep supporting al-Assad

al-Assad's forces in Syria. Phot. REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has extended greetings to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad on the occasion of Evacuation Day, the country’s national holiday commemorating the proclamation of full independence and the end of the French mandate of Syria on 17 April 1946.

Lukashenka confirmed his intention to continue supporting Syria in the international arena in its ‘fight against terrorism and extremism’, as well as developing bilateral cooperation in all fields of mutual interest.

“I am certain that under your professional leadership Syria will soon succeed in overcoming all the difficulties caused by the armed conflict, get the national economy back on track and the friendly Syrian people will resume its normal, peaceful existence,” he said.

The Belarusian president made friends with his Syrian counterpart well ahead of the start of the war. In 2017, in an interview with TV station ONT, Bashar al-Assad called on Belarusians not to yield to ‘present-day Nazism in the form of Western occupation’.

Interestingly, on Monday Israeli media outlet Debka reported with reference to ‘Western intelligence sources’ that Iranian and Syrian military officers as well as Belarusians missile experts were killed in the Israeli air strike on the Scientific Studies and Research Center in the Syrian town of Masyaf on April, 13. According to the journalists, most of the Belarusians reportedly got their jobs at Masyaf through the mediation of the state-run Belvneshpromservice company which has a long history of cooperating with Damascus. However, the Belarusian side stated that Belarusian military experts could not be among the victims as they had not been sent to Syria.

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