Belarus leader announces govt dismissal: ‘They don’t give a damn about my orders’

Industry Minister Vital Vouk and Architecture Minister Anatol Chorny

Alyaksandr Lukashenka has slammed members of the Cabinet and ordered his subordinates to make proposals for changes in the government on Tuesday.

“This week, you are expected to make proposals for the replacement of the entire government leadership, the entire top that I formed earlier. Stop hanging upon their words! They are constantly complaining about their pains!” he said at the meeting on discussing the further development of Orsha district.

According to him, the reason for neglecting is a ‘ blase attitude’ to his orders and instructions given by the president.

Idling away his time, he could not even have the roof repaired! And this was the task set by the president. Who had the right to annul my decisions? And why haven’t you fulfilled my orders?Lukashenka asked and ordered to dismiss Alyaksandr Paznyak, Chairman of Orsha district executive committee, but find another job for him as well.

“And God forbid all that you have planned yesterday will not be completed as well as the things I charged you with! Als an alternative, Vouk [Minister of Industry] may be sent here to put everything [the industry in Orsha] in order. <….> If he does not agree, he will be put behind bars,” Lukashenka warned.

On August 13, the Belarusian leader blasted local authorities and the industrial sector management for poor performance and accused them of window dressing.

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