Belarus law enforcers order software for hacking any phone

A Belarusian IT company promises to develop a program that will be able to hack up-to-date smartphones, including iPhone and BlackBerry, for only $30,000.

The Belarusian Investigative Committee and other law enforcement agencies need a hardware and software package that will allow them to copy information even from the most protected mobile devices.

Two companies, InfoVeritas and IP TelCom, competed in the tender. Within an hour, the cost of hardware and software package fell from Br 955 mln to 631 mln. IP TelCom that specializes in providing Internet access and data transmission won the tender.

The Investigative Committee has a set of strict demands to the developer: the package is expected to provide access to hidden and even deleted data on mobile devices, as well as to find access and lock codes used by their owners. Obtaining the contents of the phone memory, extracting the file system structure and physical (bit-by-bit) extracting information of internal storage are also on the to-do list.

The package is to be compatible with all popular mobile operating systems – iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and others – not less than 17,135 models of devices. It should also have an interface and tips in Russian and be supplied with ‘Chinese phone adapter for free-running copying (extracting) information’.

Modern information security systems are often a hard nut to crack even for the U.S. intelligence services. It is no secret that he FBI sought the help of Apple in hacking the phone of the dead San-Bernardino shooter who killed 14 people in California in 2015, but in vain.

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