‘Belarus is an example’. Moldova’s leader envious of Lukashenka’s form of rule

The political struggle within the country prevents Igor Dodon from resorting to Lukashenka-like form of rule, the Moldovan leader told TV channel Belarus 1.

“Due to this fact, we are not able to form a rigid vertical of power . We have already lost more than 27 years,” he complained.

According to Dodon, Belarus has managed to preserve and even multiply all the best of what it was in Soviet times.

“Unfortunately, everything has been destroyed in Moldova. Its current GDP is one third as less as it was in Soviet Moldova. We have not yet reached that level. So the first thing we should do is to fix the form of government. Next, one should pursue a balanced foreign policy line, i.e. establishing a partnership with our CIS partners, solving the Transnistrian problem, and then consequently follow this way,” Dodon stressed.

In his opinion, it is not impossible; Belarus does set the example, he added.


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