Belarus introduces free e-registration for foreigners

Photo REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko/Forum

The Belarusian Interior Ministry and the National E-service Centre have launched the electronic system of registering foreign visitors.

From now on, persons intending to stay in Belarus for more than 5 days do not need to register at the Department of Citizenship and Migration. Since January 2, the registration option has been available on for free.

At the same time, the foreigners who enter our country from Russia are bound to appear at the department in person, the Belarusian side stressed.

To register, one should create a personal account on the above website, choose the Citizenship and Migration category, order the appropriate service (code –, fill out the application form and submit it.

The website has three language versions (Belarusian, Russian and English). A foreigner can be registered by any person possessing a personal account, the Interior Ministry added.

However, there is still an option to get registration as before.

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