Belarus Interior Ministry wants to outlaw physical violence towards children

The Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs wants to completely prohibit the use of violence against children.

“We raised this issue with the National Commission on the Rights of the Child. The position of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is the following: we must finally say unequivocally that it is forbidden to apply physical methods of influence against children,” Aleh Karasei, head of the department for prevention of the the Ministry of Internal Affairs told

According to the representative of the Ministry, the current “Law on the Rights of the Child”, which was adopted in the early 90’s, contains a vague formulation.

“The individuals who have learned of the situation when violence is used against children, threatening their life, health and development, should report it to the relevant authorities,” quoted the law Aleh Karasei. – That is, our law allows the violence which is ‘safe’, you do not need to report it. But who can say if a blow is dangerous or not? It turns out that it is allowed to beat children”.

According to the representative of the Ministry, a study of 2012 showed that 50% of children from 5 to 9 years of age are subjected to psychological pressure, and every second child suffers from physical violence while growing up.

Aleh Karasei also said that in 2018 the Ministry of Internal Affairs will present the concept of law with an expanded list of those who can be accused of domestic violence. The bill will provide for the introduction of the concept of “economic violence” in the legal practice — a ban of pocket money, control of spending, bill checks. Also, the concept of “harassment” will be introduced.,

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