Belarus Interior Ministry mulls over life disqualification of drunk drivers

Ігар Шуневіч. Фота -

If spotted in driving under influence, Belarusians may be stripped of their right to drive for life, Belarusian Interior Minister Ihar Shunevich told TV channel Belarus 1.

In Thursday’s interview, he presented the ministry’s initiative to introduce a point system as part of struggling against worst traffic offenders. According to him, many countries have already resorted to such a measure.

“We believe that it will have a preventive effect. It will be quite a harsh punishment for ignoring traffic rules,” Shunevich said.

“If the situation is not changed for the better (but we assume that this should happen) after the introduction of these additional rules, we will push for revoking a driving license (even for life) and seizing a vehicle as a reaction to drink driving, even if a citizen is detained for the first time,” he warned.

The minister also expressed confidence that the agency would be able to ensure the top level safety and security during the Second European Games. Belarusian law enforcers are currently engaged in special trainings, he added.

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