Belarus Information Ministry to bear down on social media?

Belarus Information Minister Alyaksandr Karlyukevich has announced key amendments to law On Mass Media at Monday’s ministerial meeting.

According to him, it is the situation with the Internet and social networks that is craving for considerable attention.

Posting some piece on social media, a journalist must take into account ‘legislative practice’ and apply moral and ethical principles, Karlyukevich stressed.

Such an approach is expected to provide the basis for the amendments mentioned above. The miniter said that a ‘number of initiatives’ would be introduced in view of the changes to the media legislation. But he failed to go into detail.

Popular blogger and former political prisoner Eduard Palchys commented on the current development:

“In plain language, the authorities are sick and tired of the activity on social media. Belarusians have gone too far, they believe. To silence us, they are highly likely to make some amendments to the Criminal Code and the Administrative Code, jail several bloggers, impose fines for every ‘illegal’ re-post.”

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