Belarus in top 20 countries with best e-government services

The analytical department of the company “Artezio” has analyzed the convenience and technology of state electronic services in different countries.

In the company’s rating, Belarus occupies the 18th place. According to “Artezio”, many services are on a par with those in Europe in terms of quality and accessibility.

On top of the rating are the United Kingdom, Australia, the Republic of Korea, Singapore and Finland. In their analysis, experts of Artezio relied on the global database of the United Nations (UNeGovDD).

While evaluating the convenience of public Internet services, analysts took into account the following parameters: the presence of a single entry point — a portal, the convenience of finding information, the possibility of obtaining online services, the simplicity of the authentication procedure.

In 2008, the international company Artezio opened a representative office in Vitsebsk.,

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