Belarus forex reserves to decrease by billion US dollars by end of 2018

The reduction in reserves will be due to government payments on debts.

According to preliminary data of the Belarus National Bank, international reserves of Belarus in early March 2018 amounted to $ 7.1 billion. Compared to February, they increased by $ 616.1 million. But they did not reach the level of the end of last year, as in January they decreased by almost $ 838 million

The growth of reserves is connected with the receipt of funds from the sale of bonds and Eurobonds, the collection of export levies on oil and oil products, as well as the purchase of foreign currency at the auctions of the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange.

Last month, the government and the National Bank paid $ 470 million of foreign and domestic loans.

The bank forecasts that before the end of the year, after payment of all state obligations, the gold and forex reserves of Belarus will amount to at least $ 6 billion.

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