Belarus Foreign Minister leaves question about Belsat TV accreditation unanswered


Uladzimir Makey failed to give the reason why Belsat TV had repeatedly denied accreditation in the Republic of Belarus.

The Belarusian Foreign Minister was taking part in today’s Minsk Dialogue forum. After official speeches and addresses, journalists had the opportunity to put questions.

Among other things, a Belsat TV journalist asked him why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs kept refusing to grant accreditation to our channel. When the question was voiced, a spokesman took Makey away from the reporters. Receiving no answer, our corresponded posed the same question to the top official again.

“Contact the press service,” he finally answered.

Because of the work in the ‘partisan’ conditions, Belsat employees are often on trial for illegal production of media materials (Article 22.9 of the Administrative Code) and work without accreditation. In 2017 alone, Belsat contributors paid to the state as much as $ 14,000 in fines.

According to the Belarusian Association of Journalists, last year, 94% of fines for alleged illegal manufacturing of media materials fell on the journalists of “Belsat”.

Belsat TV began broadcasting on December 10th, 2007.

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