Belarus down in international Safety Index

Belarus has lost 98 positions on the international database “Numbeo” in the safety ranking of countries since early 2020. Now Belarus is between the Dominican Republic and Kenya in terms of safety.

In 2020, our country ranked 16th out of 129 countries in the international database “Numbeo” of the safety ranking, while at the beginning of 2021 we ranked 114th.

Previously, the International Ice Hockey Federation referred to these indexes on Instagram to show that Belarus is a safe country.

The safest country in the world at the beginning of 2021 is Qatar, while Venezuela is the most dangerous.

Also at the beginning of 2021, our country has lost 31 positions in the health ranking compared to the beginning of 2020. Now, in the level of healthcare Belarus remains between Iraq and Azerbaijan. In early 2020, Belarus ranked 59th out of 93 countries, while at the beginning of this year it was only 90th.