Belarus currently unable to meet EU’s expectations regarding readmission agreement – MFA

At present Belarus cannot implement the readmission agreement in the way that the European Union wants us to, Ihar Fisenka, Head of the Central Consular Office of the Foreign Ministry, told journalists on Tuesday.

When asked about the possibility of facilitating the process of negotiations with the EU on the simplification of visa procedures, Mr Fisenka stressed that the European Union closely associates this issue with the conclusion of the readmission agreement.

“It means that one agreement will not enter into force without the other. The simplification of visa procedures does not pose any serious problems. But this agreement is closely tied to the readmission agreement,” state-run news agency BelTA quotes the head of the Central Consular Office as saying.

There was a reappraisal of values after the migration crisis in Europe and, according to the top official, at the moment Belarus cannot fulfill the agreement on readmission as there is no ‘necessary infrastructure’.

“We must be ready to receive the people who will return as part of the readmission procedure. Time and money are needed for it,” Mr Fisenka added., following BelTA

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