Belarus Communications MInistry announced tender for national open data portal

The portal is planned to be created within the State program for the development of the digital economy and the information society for 2016-2020, reports. Applications are accepted until April 21, 2018.

The document published on the public procurement portal does not contain information on the estimated cost of the project. The project will be financed from the state budget.

According to Alina Radachynskaya, the coordinator of the “Open Data. Belarus” community, open data portals exist to simplify interaction with open information. But one portal will not be enough to get a full-fledged effect: changes in legislation are necessary (there is no concept of “open data” in Belarus), as well as a lot of work on the quality and stability of the data.

Alina Radachynskaya also told that the sum allocated by the state for the creation of the portal is 2 million BYN.

Research of demand for open data in Belarus


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