Belarus closes border for foreigners

From November 1, our country temporarily suspends entry border crossing for foreign citizens and stateless persons. The official reason for the measure is the coronavirus pandemic, the resolution of the Council of Ministers published on states.

According to the document, the entry of foreign citizens at road checkpoints, simplified checkpoints, checkpoints at railway stations, checkpoints in river ports is temporarily restricted. But foreigners can fly to Belarus through the airport.

The reason for this limitation is to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Photo REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko/Forum

The restrictions do not apply to diplomats, foreigners providing international free aid to Belarus, drivers of international transport and postal items, as well as railway workers. Despite the restrictions, foreigners who are spouses, parents or children of Belarusian citizens will be able to come to Belarus. Russians are also forbidden to visit Belarus. An exception was made only for those who transit through the territory of Belarus to Russia.

At the same time, persons arriving in our country, despite their citizenship, are obliged to go on a 10-day self-isolation after crossing the border. An exception was made for diplomats, those returning from business trips, international drivers, airplane pilots and railway workers.

On October 29, at the border, the State Border Committee unexpectedly restricted the entry of individuals through ground points, such as people coming from the territory of all our neighboring countries, except Russia. Moreover, no-one was allowed in – both foreigners and citizens of Belarus. Green light was only given to diplomats, truckers and railroad crews. Officially, it was done due to the epidemic situation.